If you are interesting in becoming a vendor at the Clark Fork Market, please read the 2020 Rules and Regulations, which are available below, to see if your business, farm or ranch is eligible to participate. Below is a listing of our 2020 fees. Fees apply to all vendors, no matter the product.

Fee Schedules

Reserved Spaces: Vendors may reserve up to four 6 feet of space for the entire 25 week market season.

  • 6 ft. space = $260.00 for 25 markets
  • 9 ft. (Sidewalk space) = $390.00 for 25 markets
  • 12 ft. space = $520.00 for 25 markets
  • 18 ft. space = $780.00 for 25 markets
  • 24 ft. space = $1,040.00 for 25 markets

If more space is needed to accommodate a refrigerated meat trailer, the Market Manager should be consulted.

Unreserved Spaces:

  • 6 ft. = $16.00 per market
  • 9ft. (Sidewalk space) = $24.00 per market
  • 12 ft. = $32.00 per market
  • 18 ft. = $48.00 per market

Electrical Users:
There will be a flat one-time fee for electrical users at the beginning of the season.

  • $50.00 - for a 110 outlet
  • $100.00 - for a 220 outlet


Nonprofit organizations that support the Clark Fork River Market mission statement may use space at the market for the purpose of community outreach or education, with the approval of the Market Manager. Nonprofit organizations will be charged a space fee of $10 for up to 6ft.

Please note that crafts are not allowed at the market UNLESS the craft items to be sold are made primarily of local agricultural materials. Thank you!

All products allowed at the market need to be grown or raised in Western Montana (west of the continental divide) with the exception of prepared foods, baked goods, and coffee. Preference will be given to prepared foods, baked goods, and coffee prepared using local ingredients.

Products allowed at the market include:

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Meat, Poultry and Dairy Products
  • Live plants and flowers
  • Processed Foods grown locally (salsa, jams, etc.)
  • Crafts made primarily from Western Montana agricultural products
  • Bakeries and commercial food vendors

Clark Fork Market Rule and Regulation 2020 (PDF)


Returning reserved vendors please complete the Reserved Vendor Application. 

If you have not participated in the market previously or have only attended on an unreserved basis, please completed the Unreserved Vendor Application.

Clark Fork Market Reserved Vendor Application 2020 (PDF)
Clark Fork Market Unreserved Vendor Application 2020 (PDF)

To sell prepared food, coffee or meat products requires a permit from the County Health Department. This is not a difficult process and the Clark Fork Market manager, Kirsten Hands, would be happy to answer questions for you and help you with the paperwork. To start the process with the Missoula County Health Department call (406) 258-4755. The permitting process can take up to 4 weeks, so please submit your paperwork in advance of the first market that you plan to attend.